Our engagement with our research collaborators is tailored to meet each organisation’s unique needs.

Example of a typical research collaboration

Most collaborations with organisations in this project have five distinct parts:

1. Needs analysis

Understand the strengths and the challenges in each organisation. These include:

  • Analysis of key documents, particularly policies

  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders (e.g. executives, supervisors, employees)

  • Optional: help with strategic planning and awareness-raising.

2. Initial survey of workers

Provide baseline data about job characteristics, retention, performance and well-being of workers within the organisation.

3. Interventions/initiatives

Guide the organisation in implementing new initiatives – or adapting existing initiatives – to improve the retention, performance and wellbeing of mature workers. This includes recommending age-inclusive organisational policies and procedures stemming from the latest research.

4. Follow up survey

Track the effectiveness of organisation-led interventions through follow up employee surveys.

5. Feedback

Provide regular, individualised feedback to participating organisations.


Our research team can facilitate workshops on the insights for each business unit from the collected data, to help identify how to support the overall organisational aims and initiatives.